44 Stylish Christmas Dress Ideas

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Are you someone who could pass as a Winter Beauty or maybe a Snow Princess? Well, you can be with this gorgeous and fancy dress idea. You will be the belle of the ball wearing this beautiful gown.

One of our most beautiful and incredible fancy dress ideas is our Winter Princess look. This is especially great for a party where guests will be in costume. This Winter look is elegant and classy, and will draw every eye in the room. Here’s how you create this masterpiece.

First you need to choose a long and flowing white gown. You may choose sleeveless dress, ankle length, with a elegant wrap. One that is flowing and with a lot of extra material is perfect for winter. You want to convey the feeling of a cold winters day, with snow blanketing the ground.

A dress with silver sparkly or shimmering rhinestones is a really beautiful idea. White sequins are also positively stunning when you’re dressing as Winter. Next, you want to pin your hair up in a classic style, leaving small wisps of hair hanging down, that you will curl into ringlets.

This will add a beautiful classy look with your face framed this way. You can also look for a great silver hair clasp, and earrings that are left over from Christmas are great. If you have some white snowflake earrings, that is perfect.

Your next step will be to add some hair jewels or pins in your hair that will sparkle. This is one of the great fancy dress ideas, because this will give the ‘snowflakes in your hair’ effect.

Then you want to make your eye make-up either frosty white, or shimmering blue. Put a really pale pink on your lips. Then top it with a shimmering lip gloss for the finishing touch. You can add shimmer lotion to your face and body so that you look frosty and cold.

Now for the shoes, you need white or silver and you now have an elegant winter dress. Another one of the greatest fancy dress ideas for Winter is to add some small Christmas or Hanukkah decoration ‘icicles’ to your dress.

I am referring to the plastic ones, not the silver ones you see for Christmas trees. You can quickly stitch them so that they will hang from various areas of your dress.


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