47 Elegant Mens Winter Outfits Ideas

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Let’s face it. Buying a mens winter coat is not fun. You would probably rather be out playing in the snow or shoveling the driveway (using a snowblower of course, cause their fun) than hunting a crowded mall for that perfect winter coat. Personally i would choose the former and not the latter. When looking to buy a mens winter there are 3 things you should look for – quality, price and style.

What does it mean to look for quality in a jacket? Look at the stitching and whether the seams are tapered. Look at the zipper and see if you could easily make it buckle if you reached for that tool in the garage. Look at the lining does it look cheap and flimsy or could your dog take a run at it? A mens winter coat should be built for quality and strength but above all it should be built for warmth.

Look at the tag of the jacket to determine whats it made of, because its whats on the inside that counts. Always always always remember that when buying a coat, its whats on the inside that counts. It can be filled with all kinds of garbage. Stay away from everything unless it has Goose Down. That’s really the only kind of interior you need in a coat. Those geese are onto something with those crazy warm feathers of theirs.

Next look at price. Generally a good quality mens winter coat will be between 300 and 600 dollars. If you’re shelling out more than that chances are your paying for the name and rarely the quality. But there are exceptions, like Canada Goose. (Very expensive, very good quality).

The last thing you need to look for is style. Does it have a one of those faux fur hoods, like 99% of mens winter coats? Or does it have a dark discreet hood tucked away in the back that you can bust out in the winter wind when you need it. Style is everything. There’s a reason why women love winter style, its because winter style is damn sexy. And why shouldnt a man be sexy in his winter outfit and match his beautiful women?

The majority of men dont take the time to consider the importance of winter style.  Black never goes out of style. Stick to black you can never go wrong. It’s no summer, dont worry you wont get hot in it because of it’s colour. If you want to stray a bit try brown, grey or dark navy blue. Stay away from loud colours that scream cheapness like orange, purple, yellow. Some guys can pull off white but be prepared that you may get run over by a snowmobile because you blend too well with the colour of the snow.


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