Simple Makeup For Christmas 42
Simple Makeup For Christmas 42

44 Simple Makeup for Christmas

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The holiday season is always a challenge as far as creating original, festive looks using eye makeup. You can achieve extraordinary looks that you can get away with during the holidays, so it is also an opportunity to experiment and try out more daring things.

Here are two looks you can try. Don’t hesitate to improvise using these instructions just as guidelines.

As expected for Christmas – Eye makeup for a white Christmas

White will always be the color of Christmas even if you celebrate it in the most tropical of climates. White is the mother of all colors containing all of them within it. Even for those who tend to use a wide variety of eye make-up colors Christmas may be just the opportunity to see what you can achieve using mostly white.

You will want to have a good liquid foundation, powder, blush of a shade of peach, white eye shadow, white eye liner, black mascara and to finish it off just a plain clear lip gloss.

Start off by creating a uniform base of skin color by applying the liquid foundation using a brush or a damp sponge. First apply your Liquid foundation with a damp sponge or a brush to create a uniform skin color. Powder your foundation with a powder Puff in order to set it. Remember you do not need a large amount of powder. Next, dab some of your Peach color blush on the apples of your cheeks. Use a large brush and delicate strokes.

The eyes:

With a brush apply your matt white eye shadow all over the lower eyelid; leave the area below the eyebrow clean. If you can not create a good concentration of color try using your finger, sometimes it just gives the best result. With a large brush apply some of the white eye shadow softly on your temples area making it look brighter. Then, draw a white line inside your eye using a white pencil. To complete the look apply black mascara and some clear lip-gloss.

Sizzling Winter look

Just as we wear avoiding dark eyes and dark lips together but in art there are no rules certain clothes for summer and others for winter, Winter time gives us a special opportunity to use particularly bold makeup. Since our eye makeup won’t be affected by heat like in the summer time.

Usually at this time we are buried under thick layers of coats and scarves and only your eyes are piercing through. So be bold, don’t be afraid to use dark smoky colors and show the woman you are.

This winter you can see a rich variety of lipsticks in shades of red, purple and even black Combined with bold smoky eye make-up, it’s true that I and other makeup artists usually recommend.


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