40 Simple Jeans and Boot for Winter

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If ever there were two garments that were meant to be worn together, it would be skinny jeans and ankle boots. The slim fit of the jeans at the ankle complement the short height of the boots wonderfully. Since skinny jeans are usually shorter than wider leg or boot cut jeans, the hems won’t hide the cute ankle boots below. You can tuck the bottom hem of the jeans into the top of the boots for a pulled-together look. Skinny jeans and ankle boots are great to wear through the fall, as temperatures drop and into the winter.

Picking the Right Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans can be flattering on any body size or shape. The trick is choosing jeans that fit. The jeans should hug your legs but not be so tight that they pinch or create unflattering bulges on your hips or thighs. Jeans that have plenty of stretch are a great pick, as they will move with you and won’t pinch. Dark colors such as deep blue or black are more flattering on most people than lighter washes.

Choosing the Ankle Boots

Pick ankle boots that are the same shade as your skinny jeans to make your legs look super long. For example, wear black boots with black jeans. When you tuck the jeans into the boots, you eliminate the division between the two pieces, making your legs look longer.

Bring attention to your boots by choosing a funky pattern or a contrasting color instead of matching the color of your jeans and boots. If you feel particularly bold, try a pair of animal print boots or a bright shade of blue with black jeans. Since the boots are a bold and loud color or print, keep the rest of your outfit calm and neutral.

Almost every style of ankle boots looks great paired with skinny jeans. You can try a pair of lace-up ankle boots or a pair that have zippers in the back. The style of the boots can determine whether or not you are dressed up or down. Flat boots that you pull on are great for a relaxed, comfortable look. To take your outfit out on the town, try a pair of high-heeled ankle boots.

Pulling the Look Together

Once you’ve matched your jeans to a pair of boots, it’s time to finish the outfit. To balance out the sleek fit of the jeans and boots, try wearing a tunic on top or a long open-front cardigan. Carry a large purse and try on a pair of sunglasses and you will be ready to go.


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