Lovely Sweater Styles Winter Ideas44
Lovely Sweater Styles Winter Ideas44

47 Lovely Sweater Styles Winter Ideas

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As the winter season is approaching, you must start preparing your winter closet. First of all, have a look at what all you have and what you need to purchase to flaunt your style during this season. Along with the stylish winter clothing, you must have some cozy garments that help you protect from the chilly breeze flowing during the colder days of the year such as sweaters, boots, coats, and blazers.

Sweaters are the favorite winter clothing for most women, as these cozy knitted garments help them look stylish together with letting them feel cozy. To look good like ever, you should choose a perfect style of sweater that flatters your body shape. To help you choose the right kind of sweater for your body type, read further.

Hourglass shape: Those who are blessed with this body shape are lucky enough as they can wear almost any style of the sweater. Everything flatters this body type. However, don’t pick a sweater that is too baggy or too tight. To highlight your curves in the best way, choose wrap style sweaters. These pullovers would accentuate each and every part of your ideal figure right from the head to toe. To add extra flair, choose a pullover that has buttons or other embellishments right below the bust line. Pick shades that match well with your skin tone.

Apple shape: Choosing the right type of pullovers for the apple-shaped women become a difficult process, as their undefined waistline and love handles become evident, whatever they wear. So to hide the weight in the midsection, choose large-neck sweaters like cowls, boats, and squares to draw the attention towards your torso. Select knitted garments that cover your stomach completely and do not stop before the midline,as it’s essential to hide your wide waist. Button-down jackets reaching up to the knees would look great on this body shape.

Pear shape: A balanced outfit is needed for pear-shaped women. Women with this body type are heavier at the bottom as compared to their torso. A-line sweaters with large necks would highlight the assets of your figure. Sweaters with puffed sleeves would also look good on your body type. Pullover with little detailing on the shoulders or neck would also look good on you.


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