Simple Winter Makeup Ideas46
Simple Winter Makeup Ideas46

49 Simple Winter Makeup Ideas

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With winter months, comes stark skies, cold winds and skin damaging weather. Despite these horrid conditions, winter makeup can still make a statement. Winter is all about taking your makeup style to new extremes, and there are a few tips you should follow, to move from summer time diva to winter time goddess.

Blush is essential when the main color around you is white. At no time should a women apply foundation and powder and just walk out of the house. The natural tones and shades of the skin are uneven and vary in color. The only thing you will accomplish, is looking like one of the neighbor’s snowmen. Try using your bright or dark summer blush colors in combination with your setting powder. This will lighten the color just enough to appear natural on your lighter winter skin.

Moisturize those lips and not just for a kiss. Licking your lips during winter winds and cold will cause them to crack and even bleed, within minutes of going outside. Be sure to moisturize your lips with a gentle facial lotion. To keep your lips soft and crack free, always apply a coat of a lip moisturizing stick over top of your lip color and reapply often.

Leave the black mascara at home. Black may be the perfect mascara color for the summer months when your darker skin color can handle the drastic tone, but during the winter months after shedding that summer tan, try sticking to a brown or clear. Lashes are all about thickness not about extreme color.

Pop out those eyes with color. Winter is the time when you can go crazy on the eyes. Most of the time people will be so buried beneath their scarves, hats, coats and sweaters, that they will never look up to see the eyes. So, take advantage of the huddling nature of passersby to live on the edge. Try the blues, greens and purples you never thought you could wear. If you feel a little uncomfortable with such extremes, try muting the colors with your loose facial powder.

Winter does not have to mean you will go makeup less until spring hits. Caring for your skin with great attention to detail, followed by a few changes in summer and fall makeup tricks and you will be the talk of the office in no time.


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