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Yup it’s that time for me to start talking about other things to help you stay focus and have a well-blended life as a working mom. It’s time to bring up the ever so dreaded talking about exercise. It is now summertime and all the sexy bikini, monokini, tankini, and whatever-kini, will be stepping out. Parents are taking time off to go the beach where you will see more and more beautiful bodies that will have you questioning your own body and exercise regime. But this article is not about looking great and hot (although that is a magnificent side benefit). This article is about giving you the energy and stamina you need to live your life without guilt.

Momma needs to play. You can’t work all day, then come home and take care of the household all night and not think this will take a toll on you physically, mentally, and emotional. You may be wondering you don’t have enough time to do all the things you want to do, and you if you do have any extra time, you want to spend that time relaxing, sleeping, or simply doing nothing. Well there is a time and place for that (which should be intertwined into your day somehow), but if you want to be productive you need the energy, and the stress relief and exercise gives you that (not to mention makes you sexy). Exercising is a great way of taking your mind of all that you have to do and really focus on yourself. It gives you a chance to add you into your daily routine so that you are not resenting your spouse or children for living their life without guilt.

What exactly is exercising?

I’m not going to tell you to go out there and purchase P90x or get a Jillian Michaels DVD, although you can. But when it comes to thinking about exercising simply think about adding movement to your day. It can be as simple as just adding in 20 – 30 minutes of walking to your day. Yup walking. I did not think walking would do anything until I was forced to do it. When our car was totaled I ended up having to do a lot more walking. I had to walk to pick my son up from daycare, I had to walk to the grocery store, I pretty much walked everywhere in our neighborhood. At first I was a little annoyed and everyday hoped I would see someone I know so they could give me a ride, but when I started my workout routine and I weighed myself I noticed I didn’t gain any weight at all.

This was amazing to me because at this point my eating habits were horrible. With what I was eating and no walking I say a steady increase in my weight gain, but somehow adding walking put everything to a stop. Now this wasn’t power walking, just a normal pace. When I saw this, I started to time myself and every week attempted to beat my time. It created a game which made it fun, and I was achieving personal goals. Achieving these smalls goals lead me to train for my first 5k, which then gave me the confidence that I could achieve just about anything. I was no longer watching everyone live their life as I provided for them, but I was also able to check some activities off my own personal list of things I wanted to accomplish.

With all that said, I challenge you to add some walking into your day, and DO NOT tell yourself I don’t have the time for this. Don’t allow yourself to accept that. You have the time, just figure out how you want to implement it. Walking can be something you do by yourself to get away, with your spouse to grab some quite one on one time, or with your children. I recently took my son to ride his bike and as he did that I walked. We did this for about a mile and then he was ready to go home. So get out there and walk.


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