Amazing Summer Swimsuit You Will Want To Keep 47
Amazing Summer Swimsuit You Will Want To Keep 47

47 Amazing Summer Swimsuit You Will Want To Keep

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No, you don’t have to take a double take. It is possible to find the right swimsuit for your body type! The first thing you have to remember though is that there are very few “perfect” bodies out there. Celebrities and models are far from the norm, and they might even still have problems finding the best swimsuit! Before heading to the mall, go through this guide so you have an idea of what style will accentuate your fave body part!

If you’re smaller on top…
Tinier swimsuits really work, especially those ultra-sexy miniature two pieces from Brazil. Padding can give you an extra lift and make you look a little fuller on top. Luckily, most suits come with a little bit of padding! Unlike women with larger breasts, you can actually wear swim suit tops with ruffles and triangle tops, so make the most of it with a look that is fun and fashionable! Try Mossimo┬« Black: Women’s Twist Polka Dot Swimwear -Purple/White.

If you’re bigger on top…
You might need a little extra support, so opt for swimsuit tops with underwire or halter-tops. Not only will they give you a little more striking cleavage, but most of these tops are also adjustable. Make them as tight or loose as you need. Although you don’t need maximum coverage, minimum coverage should be avoided as well. This means no strapless or triangle tops. Don’t despair! There are so many mod halters out there! Try Nike Striped Swim Separates.

If you have shorter legs or torso…
Search for a swimsuit that is cut high on the thigh, elongating your legs and playing up your fabulous curves. Tankinis are great for women with shorter torsos. Switching up the pattern on your top and bottom is another trick of the trade that gives you a “lengthier-looking” body. Make sure to avoid boy-shorts and bikini skirts because they can make you look shorter. Try Apt. 9┬« Starburst Dot Swim Separates.

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