Inspiring Professional Work Outfits Men Try 47
Inspiring Professional Work Outfits Men Try 47

55 Inspiring Professional Work Outfits Men Try

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Whether it is for business or pleasure, the suit is a versatile piece of men’s fashion that is as ingrained as the t-shirt. The suit has its beginnings in regency England where the gentlemen of the haute ton wore fashionable coats over superfine vests and crisp white shirts. The gentlemen’s man would insure that his masters cravat (the modern day tie) was fashionably tied into an intricate knot that would have all the ladies murmuring behind their silk fans. Today, the suit isn’t just for the ballrooms and tea rooms of the sophisticated wealthy. Suits are for the corporate businessman.

The Suit You Wear Defines You, and the Company You Work For
When searching for a business suit that will convey to others your importance, charm, and business acumen you will want to choose a style that is in line with the image of the company for which you work. If you work for a law firm, you will want to choose a suit that expresses that you are trustworthy, intelligent, and ruthless. If you work for a bank, you want to wear a suit that tells people that you can be trusted with their money, and that you don’t need their money. Nothing loses business faster than a cheap suit or a sleazy appearance.

The suit you put on must convey to your clients or customers an image that will help you keep their business and get some new business to boot. People are very good judges of character- simply by looking at what you wear and how you wear it.

A business suit needs to be sharp. Smart. It needs to fit you perfectly. As economical as suits off the rack can be, they are also prone to bunch up on you in the worst places. Tailor made business suits can be made in a variety of colors, fabrics and designs.

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