Right Fashion Women Big Thighs 39
Right Fashion Women Big Thighs 39

47 Right Fashion Women Big Thighs

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Most fashion designers do not design or make clothing for plus size women. But that is changing slowly as some designers recently have started to have ranges for the plus size. If in a clothing department and you can not fit into a size fourteen, then look in the plus size section. You are more likely to find a larger variety to choose from and finding clothes that fit you properly and work on your body type.

There are a still few things to consider before you find the perfect fit. Too loose clothes can make you look even bigger and too tight clothes can accentuate big thighs or bulging stomach. You should also know how your weight is distributed over your body. Consider whether you are an apple or pear shape. Knowing this will help you in finding clothes that fit better. Here are a few tips that will help you look better and feel more confident about yourself.

Wear solid or small pattern garments. As wearing large prints will only make a strong impact. Try different brands and experiment with different cuts to see which works the best on your body shape. If you can, try wearing layered looks as this can hide bulky areas.

Buy shirts that go just over your hips and abdomen so that it covers your problem areas. If they are any shorter they will only expose your bulges. Try adding a bit of height to your figure by wearing heels. This will also make you look a bit more proportioned. If you do not already own a body suit, then buy one. This should be your best friend. It helps to hold your bulges in the right places.

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