Mix Match Ultraviolet Outfit Trend 23
Mix Match Ultraviolet Outfit Trend 23

53 Mix Match Ultraviolet Outfit Trend

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It is easy to tell that LED clothing is becoming more and more popular; when you take a look in your celebrity magazines this becomes clear. Some celebrities will wear light up shirts while others opt for dresses or accessories, but no matter the decision, the results are stunning. Here are just some of the music stars who have used this technology to improve their style.

Celebrity LED clothing goes all the way back to 2008 when Kanye West helped start the trend at the Grammys. He had a stylish jacket and scarf, both filled with lights, showing the true versatility of LED clothing.

One of the famous songs that U2 played during their 360° Tour during 2009 was “Ultraviolet (Light My Way)” and apparently Bono decided to dress the part for this particular song. Before the song, Bono would go backstage and put on a black leather jacket complete with 240 red laser lights creating a fringe made of light.

In April 2010, Rihanna wore a beautiful LED dress during her Last Girl on Earth Tour. The dress included small red LED lights and she wore it at her performance in the Gelredome located in Arnhem, Holland.

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