Best Mohawk Fade Hairstyles For Men 16
Best Mohawk Fade Hairstyles For Men 16

51 Best Mohawk Fade Hairstyles For Men

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In Dallas, it seems, there is typically little thought given to how the groom should be dressed, groomed, and accessorized; it is also your day and you should look your best. The tux may be chosen, the boutonniere fitted, and shoes picked out; but how will you best address your hairstyle for your big day? There are a variety of popular hairstyles grooms use on their wedding day to look their very best. Here are 12 of the most popular hairstyles in Dallas for men.

Shaved: One of the options for a popular hairstyle is just to shave your head. If you wonder if this is attractive or popular, look to beauties like Bruce Willis.

Buzz cut: Closely related to the maintenance free shaved cut, is the buzz cut. Signature of army men, the buzz cut offers a clean and attractive look for any man’s wedding day.

Caesar cut: Another popular option for your male hairstyle is what is called the Caesar cut. It is characterized by short length and a horizontal cut resembling that of Julius Caesar.

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