Stylish Fashion For Skinny Body 35
Stylish Fashion For Skinny Body 35

46 Stylish Fashion for Skinny Body

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While skinny bodies are adored in the fashion industry, they don’t fit real-world clothes. If you are skinny you can have an awkward look if you don’t wear the right outfit. The cool thing is that there are many tips that you can put into consideration and have an elegant skinny look. Here are some of the tips:

Buy Long Enough Clothes
You should only invest in outfits that are long enough for your body. Remember that wearing an outfit that is even an inch shorter than you will make you appear too tall which will give you a weird look. Of major importance you should always aim at hiding your arms.

Here you should wear shirts with volume sleeves. If you want to add an additional shape you should go for outfits with Batwing sleeves.

Fabrics with weight, structure and texture tend to hold their shape thus adding dimension to your frame. The texture added by these fabrics adds visual interest to your body. The texture also softens the severe body lines.

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