Preppy Outfits To Copy Right Now 45
Preppy Outfits To Copy Right Now 45

45 Preppy Outfits To Copy Right Now

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The preppy trend has been exploding recently, and you can see evidence of it everywhere. Colorful tartan plaid stationary is stocked in paper goods shops, and home d├ęcor stores are overflowing with nautical navy and white, and crisp lattice prints. Yes, there are splashes of prep everywhere, and of course the preppy world would be nothing without the major vein of the fashion world. Here’s how to inject some of preppy’s smart, clean look into your own style.

Sweaters – Crewneck, cardigan and v-neck sweaters are preppy essentials. Look for sweaters in quality fabrics such as cotton and cashmere. Synthetics such as rayon do not wash or wear very well, and end up looking pilled very quickly. One of the keys to looking sharp in a sweater is to make sure it fits well and is not baggy. Even if the sweater is a thick cable knit, make sure it hugs your skin and that the shoulder seam sits at the top of your shoulder.

Polo shirts – Most men like polo shirts because of their ease, and in the preppy world they conjure up images of golfing and country clubs. To fully go the preppy route, select polo shirts in bold colors such as turquoise, fuchsia, bright yellow, kelly green, Nantucket red, and purple. You may even want to try layering one polo shirt over another, and popping up your collar. The rugby shirt, which is the cousin of the polo, is also a nice choice. Classic preppy polo shirt brands include Polo Ralph Lauren and Lacoste.

Ties – You can’t have a full-on preppy look without a wardrobe that includes several tie styles. Look for ties with patterns such as herringbone, plaid and windowpane. And of course, you can always add a bowtie to your tie wardrobe as well.

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