Preppy Summer Outfits To Inspire Yourself 46
Preppy Summer Outfits To Inspire Yourself 46

47 Preppy Summer Outfits To Inspire Yourself

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So you’ve seen them splashed across the pages of InStyle and Lucky magazine, but honestly, how does one REALLY wear the new trends? It’s easy to get caught up in thinking something is really fun, but when it comes time to actually wear it or incorporate it into your wardrobe, especially for business, you haven’t a clue where to begin!!

I have two things to say about trends…
Just because it’s a trend or being worn by the size 0 celeb of the week doesn’t mean it will translate well in real life. Instead, use the look as inspiration instead of trying to emulate the look.

Don’t opt out of a look because of preconceived ideas or thoughts you may have about not being able to pull it off. You can go into a store and try it on for free…it costs you nothing just to give it a go! You may come away from the fitting room with a new look that works well for you!

Working with the trends of each season means that you have to ferret out the ideas that will work for you. You certainly don’t have to try every trend out there. Just pick one or two and go for it!

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