Glamorous Summer Outfits You Should Already Own 46
Glamorous Summer Outfits You Should Already Own 46

55 Glamorous Summer Outfits You Should Already Own

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It’s exciting to see what’s on the catwalk for the Summer of 2010. This way you can spice up your wardrobe with some of the trends and ideas that you’ve seen in the fashion magazines. Here are some ideas from Vogue.

Despite the negativity of the recession, your will find clothing with lashings of crystals glitter and gold. There are heaps of metallics and wonderful fabrics, so that you can look our elegant and glamorous. If you don’t want to buy anything new, just look through your wardrobe for anything metallic, or with gold or crystals on it. Go through your jewelry and pile lots of pieces on at once and you will look on trend this summer.

Dolce and Gabbana are showing lots of beautiful rose prints and chiffon’s in gorgeous flowing fabrics. Underwear comes to outerwear so you can wear a bra with a sheer chiffon blouse over the top, or if you really brave you can wear the chiffon blouses with the bra over the top!

The new metallic for the season, is grubby gold. It’s a darker deeper metallic gold that looks wonderful with all the darker khaki colors that are available for the season. Look for the bronzes rather than the shiny golds. Go for Pewter rather than shiny silver.

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