Fantastic Summer Outfits You Should Already Own 47
Fantastic Summer Outfits You Should Already Own 47

52 Fantastic Summer Outfits You Should Already Own

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Summer 2011 is all about bright bold prints in women’s fashion this year, 70’s glam is back with a bang. The look comprises of big statement leather belts, thigh high boots and hot pants. The 70’s trend can be turned into a sophisticated look with bright fabrics that hang over the body, pay particular attention to silk and ruffled necklines. Of course it is not all about the clothing.

Aside from the 70’s glam look summer 2011 is all about bright bold colours, pinks, blues, greens and corals all take a prominent role using white as a backdrop to really highlight the bold prints. Of course summer would not be complete without your festival wardrobe, so ensure you keep your eyes open for those essential hippy chick pieces that will make you look right at home in the crowds at Glastonbury.

You can take the festival look away from the traditional hippy look to a more sophisticated level by investing in colourful on trend pieces that have hints of India, Morocco or Central America. When selecting items look to mix prints and colours to create an arts and crafts feel, many high street retailers are stocking this summer’s colourful trends so you will have no trouble finding pieces to complete the look.

Jewellery plays an important part in this summer’s wardrobe, accessorising is a key factor to any outfit, pendant necklaces and beads are on trend while the right handbag is also essential. Try opting for sterling silver floral designs such as silver flower necklaces and matching bracelets, for casual looks you can of course go to the other extreme and choose brightly coloured Swarovski crystal necklaces and bracelets to add a 70’s glam sparkle to your outfit.

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