Fantastic Summer Outfits To Wear Now 44
Fantastic Summer Outfits To Wear Now 44

54 Fantastic Summer Outfits To Wear Now

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Roxy were born back in 1990 by largely known parent company Quiksilver. Quiksilver noticed a gap in the market for good quality women’s sports products and launched their brand Roxy. Originally a surf brand producing wet suits and surf boards Roxy evolved into a way of life for many people. Capitalising on Roxy’s success with surf paraphernalia the brand launched a multitude of new products from flip flops to bed linen. Roxy have managed to conquer these secondary markets due to their original concept of producing high quality products remaining a continuing theme throughout everything that they do.

With summer fast approaching now is the time to start thinking about your summer wardrobe. The majority of people have a few key items that have survived well from the previous year and some that are barely worth keeping at all. It is always nice to freshen up your summer wardrobe each year with a number of new pieces, just think about all of those summer pictures. With the popularity of social networking sites and the ability to upload photos to be viewed by all, it is never good to look exactly as you did the previous year.

Roxy summer clothing has seen the revival of the famous board short for women, with a multitude of patterns and colours Roxy’s first creation still remains one of their best. My favourite addition to the Roxy board shorts range this year is the Roxy Brittany board short, with a feminine cut and bright classic red, pink and white Roxy design they certainly stand out from the crowd. Another fantastic addition to the line up for 2010 is Roxy summer dresses, an assortment of new cuts have been introduced in a variety of prints. Roxy create wonderful dresses for all occasions from Roxy dresses to lounge on the beach with to the perfect outfit to wear on a summers evening. For the not so girly girl or those that prefer more of casual look an incredible array of day shorts have been designed by Roxy to accompany the classic but still loved Roxy tee. By far my favourite Roxy top for 2010 is the Roxy Clarissa Beach top, with rich green tones and an unusual cut this opulent top brings style and glamour to beachwear.

Whatever your budget you can certainly update your existing wardrobe with some of the latest Roxy clothes without breaking the bank. prides them self on offering customer’s great quality clothes at affordable prices, check out the full range of Roxy summer clothing now

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