Amazing White Tee For Women 52
Amazing White Tee For Women 52

54 Amazing White Tee For Women

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When it comes to wardrobe staples, if yours isn’t a plain white t-shirt, we’re not sure what planet you’re living on. Representing all that that is simple within the fashion industry, a plain white t-shirt can take a girl from the office straight to a night on the tiles.

As women, we’re constantly bombarded with the idea that every pavement is a catwalk, every party a photo opportunity and every lunch date a chance to socialise in style… although partly true (we do love to strut our stuff!), we believe that fashion should be about personal style, substance and comfort. Regardless of price or cut, material or design, we know that without a plain white tee, your summer wardrobe would not be complete.

If you’ve yet to find the perfect plain white tee to mesh into your ever growing wardrobe, we trust that you’ll find our ‘pretty pleats blouse’ fits right in.

Working in an office with a set uniform can often be a daunting prospect for women, particularly if you’ve only ever worked in a ‘smart-casual’ environment. It can bring back horrific memories of cotton skirts and knee high socks, the dreadfulness of a school uniform. Over the past few years however, office wear has flourished, women are no longer required to join men in wearing stiff suits and crisp shirts. Female fashion is celebrated!

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