Incredible Wedding Dress Trends Ideas 43
Incredible Wedding Dress Trends Ideas 43

50 Incredible Wedding Dress Trends Ideas

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If you’re getting married in 2013, you’ll need to know next year’s wedding dress trends, from bold splashes of colour to iconic sillhouettes. Here are five top trends set to take bridalwear fashion by storm for 2013:

White and ivory wedding dresses are not the only option! Inspired by vintage palettes, next year’s designs are full of deep, Victorian red and blue tones, or delicate shades of brown, blush and pink with feminine lace detailing. Two-tone wedding gowns are growing in popularity two, and are a great option if you still want a predominantly white dress. Or if you’re after something really unique, what about a retro or floral print for your wedding dress?

Cutout Backs
Keyholes and lace cutouts are a firm trend for next year’s bridalwear, following on from the trend of low-backed dresses a few years ago. The latest look is once again borrowing from vintage design, with predominantly lace detailing on sheer panels, showing a modest peek at the bride’s back. Sexy but sophisticated, this trend is a lovely way to add an extra element to your wedding gown.

Peplums and Layers
A peplum is a waist-defining short overskirt that is seen a lot on the runway. Adding structure and draping to the simplest dress, peplums are a hot high fashion trend for next year. Stylished layers are also a big winner, providing a combination of fabrics, textures and shapes to add extra interest and a modern twist to your wedding gown.

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