Unordinary Hairstyles Ideas For Teen Girls In To Try 44
Unordinary Hairstyles Ideas For Teen Girls In To Try 44

49 Unordinary Hairstyles Ideas For Teen Girls In To Try

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Are you looking to reinvent yourself, or possibly just looking for a new hair style? There are many sources for you to do your homework to find your perfect look. Teen magazines, television shows, and online sites are all good sources. There are even websites that allow you to try out different hairstyles virtually before taking the plunge in the real world. For example, on some sites you can go from long to short, or red to blond, with just a click of a mouse.

One of the most important things to think about before trying a new hairstyle is to consider your lifestyle. Today’s teens are busier than ever between schoolwork, sports, social outlets, and perhaps even holding down a job. Having a hairstyle that is practical, fast and simple might be a good idea if you live life on the fast track. Low maintenance is the way to go if you do not always have time to spend on grooming. If this describes you, consider keeping your hair at a length that can be pulled up or back into a ponytail. This is ideal for busy teens with full schedules.

One of the hottest trends this year is braids. This trend was made popular by Lauren Conrad from the television reality show ‘The Hills.’ Having braids on the sides of your hair or using them to pull back your hair can be very flattering for most people. Going to the beach or the pool? A softly pulled back braid will keep your hair tidy and will look stylish at the same time.

The Bob and all of its many variations are still going strong as well. Longer sides and shorter back cuts are one of the hottest Bob styles around. Kate Middleton’s long wavy style with side swept bangs is sure to be popular after her marriage to Prince Charles. Bangs in any form are another popular style right now, as they help to frame the eyes to make them appear more distinct. Shoulder length hair that is slightly layered is still hot and is a style that is widely seen.

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