Pretty White Wedding Decor Ideas For Romantic Wedding 54
Pretty White Wedding Decor Ideas For Romantic Wedding 54

55 Pretty White Wedding Decor Ideas For Romantic Wedding

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As a wedding event planner, it is always fun to unexpectedly come across a wedding or special event being set up. Recently, I was traveling in Spain and our hotel had one of the most beautiful outdoor wedding locations I had ever seen. I saw that they were hosting this wedding using white wedding decor which of course sparked the idea for this blog that describes various wedding decorating ideas.

First let’s discuss outdoor wedding locations and why this site in particular stood out as one of the prettiest I have ever seen. Situated on the Mediterranean, the St. Regis Resort has a stunning view of the ocean from their large lawn where the wedding was held. They also have a path with bougainvillea archways that is beautiful for bride and groom pictures.

Other wonderful hotel features in respect to fabulous outdoor wedding locations is the grand patio where cocktails were held. This terrace is located just off of the main bar of the hotel and is beautifully furnished with outdoor furniture. Therefore, you can save some money and not bring in any of your own furniture.

Finally, as a wedding event planner, I felt completely at ease speaking with the catering department as they were setting up the event, and I got the sense that the hotel is very accommodating and understands the task at hand in making the wedding day special for the bride and groom. In addition, the food and service I experienced at the hotel were among the best I have had at any hotel.

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