Lovely Short Hairstyles Women Ideas 36
Lovely Short Hairstyles Women Ideas 36

46 Lovely Short Hairstyles Women Ideas

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Have you noticed that women with a short haircut look intelligent? Especially if they wear those small black-rimmed glasses halfway down their nose. Ever seen them? They look like brain boxes.

A study called “First Impressions Hair impressions” found that we do judge people on how they look. When you see long flowing locks what do you think about the woman with those locks?

For years it has been that women have found it very difficult to maintain luxurious hair, long or short. Let’s consider a few tips about a woman with a short haircut.

o There are natural oils in the scalp. These oils seep into the hair and lubricate it. Thus giving the hair a natural sheen. Short hair benefits from this action because it’s closer to the scalp. It’s easier for long hair to become dry and split because it is farther away from the beneficial oils of the scalp.

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