Awesome Own Sleek Outfits Ideas To Inspire You 54
Awesome Own Sleek Outfits Ideas To Inspire You 54

57 Awesome Own Sleek Outfits Ideas To Inspire You

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Halloween is that time of the year people go all out with their costumes and unleashes all of their creative juice just to come up with the best and most unique costume you can ever find. While there a lot of costumes you can find to choose from, most of the time you end up with the same outfit as somebody else. Wouldn’t it be great to be unique and have the most creative outfit and have people complementing you on how good your costume looks?

There are many options of looks to go for and one that not many people wear on Halloween is a mafia outfit. You can buy the entire mafia outfit or you can choose to buy the items separately. A mafia outfit is something that not many people will think of wearing on Halloween; thus you can be sure that there is a minimal chance that you will end up wearing the same thing as someone else. But if you really want your mafia outfit to be the most unique anyone will ever see, why not do it on your own? This way you can add your personal style and add some of your own flavor to the whole outfit that no one can ever copy. Here are some things you need to incorporate to your outfit and create your own personalized mafia outfit.

Gel – members of mafia are popularly known for their very sleek and shiny looks. Pull it back with a gel and have it combed to give you that sleek and shiny brushed up look. Make sure that you will be purchasing a gel that gives you that shiny and greasy look.

Tucked Collar and Shirt – To keep your look polished all the time just like how a real member of the mafia dresses up his pinstripe suit, always make sure your collar and the lower part of the shirt should be kept tucked inside the pants. Secure everything with white suspenders if you are wearing black attire or vice versa. Make sure your button down shirt has all of the buttons secured up to the top most.

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