Popular Subtle Tattoo Ideas Your Parents Wont Even Mind 46
Popular Subtle Tattoo Ideas Your Parents Wont Even Mind 46

47 Popular Subtle Tattoo Ideas Your Parents Wont Even Mind

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Some of the star tattoo ideas varies person to person but are an interesting alternative to the more common sun or moon images. There are many variations of star tattoos and many people claim that these images have a powerful symbolic or metaphysical meaning.

These star tattoo ideas makes a star even more versatile. In fact stars as symbols have been used throughout history to express a wide variety of things.
Here are the top 3 popular star tattoo ideas:

Shooting Star
Shooting star tattoo ideas is suggestive of wishes coming true, for example. In fact shooting star tattoos are a very popular image, being versatile and pretty. A shooting star image can incorporate a ‘trail’ of smaller stars, which very pretty and delicate – a great way for a tattoo to cover a slightly larger area but still remain subtle.

Nautical Stars
Nautical star tattoo ideas is less feminine than most other star tattoo ideas and they represent the fact that stars were originally used by sailors for navigation for thousands of years. Thus the word nautical means pertaining to the ocean and sailing. They would of course use the north start to navigate by and find their way home and eventually sailors started tattooing north stars to their bodies for good luck. Typically on the forearm or upper back. These were thought of as a good luck symbol and would help ensure a safe voyage for the sailor.

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